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We have a mania for quality!

The TridellaGST Group makes finished Non Ferrous Forged and Machined products and controls the production chain for giving to the customer a 100% quality service.

Its “Know how” and its innovative technologies allow GST to realize different types of machining starting from raw forged chunks of copper and aluminum alloys supplied by Tridella Brass SpA

  • CNC and Transfer Machining
  • Assembling
  • Granding and Polishing
  • Aesthetic and protective galvanic treatments on brass and copper alloys
  • Protective and Aesthetic anodizing on aluminum


CNC and Transfer Machining

The company has 15 transfers with 5 axes possibilities (till 24 tools and 15 centers ) for satisfying the needs of very complex products. With the focus to supply a complete service GST is also able to realize limited series (50-500 pcs) on its CNC.

The possibilities for making leakage tests in air and the competency for realizing different types of assembling allow to supply complete products to our OEM customers 

Tridella GST Group

Non Ferrous hot forging from three generations.

Tridella Brass e Rubinetteria GST represent a precise international point of reference for the production of finished components in copper and aluminum alloys according to customers’s customer.