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Non Ferrous Alloys

The proximity to the most important Italian espresso coffee machines producers and the long relationships with renewed international brands of sanitary faucet’s producers allowed Rubinetteria GST to have a deep experience about ecological Non Ferrous Alloys with low or zero Lead content. More than 10% of the production is dedicated to the Silicon Cu-Si ECObrass®/CuPHIN® (CW724R) necessary to comply the more strict American standards (Pb<0.2% on the part in contact with sanitary water) and European standard (10 mg/l di Pb). The ability in supply customers in different industrial sectors gave to GST the possibility to use and machine a very large range of Cu-Zn alloys.

For about two years GST realizes Aluminum components, especially in the automotive sector with 6000 series alloys. 


Available Alloys Range

Alloys that meet the EUROPEAN STANDARDS (Pb 10mg/l) concerning Sanitary Water:

  • CW617N-DW (standard brass for hot forging with Pb<2,2% - Cu 58%)
  • CW612N (brass for deep forging Pb<2,2% Cu 60%)
  • CW625N (DZR alloy 63 Pb<1,6% Cu 63% As 0,15%)
  • CW626N (DZR alloy 65 Pb<1,7% Cu 65% As 0,15%)
  • CW725R (AQCUARIN® alloy, Pb<0,6% Cu 66%)

Alloys that meet the AMERICAN STANDARDS (Pb<0,20% in the part in contact with the sanitary water) concerning Sanitary Water:

  • CW724R (Si Alloy ECObrass®/CuPHIN® Pb<0,09% Si3% Cu 76%)
  • CW510L (USA alloy Pb<0,20% Cu 57%)
  • CW511L (DZR USA alloy Pb<0,20% Cu 62% As 0,15%)


Aluminum Alloys

  • AW6082 (standard alloy for fot forging Anticorodal AlSi1)
  • AW6026 (Anticorodal AlSi1 alloy with low lead content)
  • AW5003 (alloy AlMg5)
  • AW5754 (alloy Al Mg3,5)

Tridella GST Group

Non Ferrous hot forging from three generations.

Tridella Brass e Rubinetteria GST represent a precise international point of reference for the production of finished components in copper and aluminum alloys according to customers’s customer.