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GST Company was born in 1970 when Tridella family bought the Society GS for supplying a complete industrial service from the brass forged raw items (realized in Tridella Brasss SpA) to the finished products for the sanitary boilers and gas valves producers.

During the years the will for guaranteeing a complete BtoB service and for realizing Machining quality products starting from Brass Forging allowed GST to retain customers and made real partnerships with OEM producers involved in different sectors as refrigeration & conditioning, espresso coffee machines, hydro-thermo-sanitary, industrial valves and in all fiels wher the brass, copper alloys and aluminum alloys are needed.

In 2009 the company take the certification ISO 9001 opening new opportunities in the worldwide market supported by continuous investments in new technology for machining, quality and personnel. 

Tridella GST Group

Non Ferrous hot forging from three generations.

Tridella Brass e Rubinetteria GST represent a precise international point of reference for the production of finished components in copper and aluminum alloys according to customers’s customer.